This week Team WaPa had a great time exploring the community through lots of asset mapping! Our team was surprised to see so many churches and while walking we found African American Firefighter’s museum which was incredibly interesting. We were able to  help out our home base KLEO on Monday and worked cohesively as a team to put up pictures in preparation of Mayor Daley’s visit.


Our team also all really enjoyed the trip to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Lonye says she had fun doing different jobs and felt really good knowing the number of people she helped. Fifi became a master of pasta labeling and had a great time doing her job.


On Wednesday our team took a short trip to Woodlawn to help build mosaics with Greenstar Movement. Not only was the activity fun for the whole team, but JB enjoyed being able to meet another one of the Greenstar Movement worker’s who was a Northeastern Alum who had also majored in biology just like JB is planning on doing.


We ended our last neighborhood day by finishing up our asset map, and had the chance to meet with Ms. Monique Cook-Bey from Chicago Youth Programs. It was a great opportunity to learn even more about the assets and community development programs available in  Washington Park!