This week our team completed an asset map of the many assets in Greater Grand Crossing.  We had the opportunity to present our asset map to the other SSP neighborhood teams on Tuesday at University of Chicago.  We also completed a service project at Gary Comer Youth Center in which we created a bulletin board with information about health equity and assets in the community.




In exploring the community and talking to organizations, we decided to focus our final project topic on policing in minority communities.  During the first week of SSP, we were able to talk to the police department and hear about the variety of youth programs and community policing initiatives aimed at reducing violence in the community.  The police department has been a useful resource for us, and we will be meeting with them next week to start our final project with them.  A goal we have for our final project is to include many different voices from the community, including police, organizations, and community members, as well as other experts from around the U.S.


We also celebrated Alli’s birthday this week and got to do some team bonding over pizza!