We hope to work with Claretian Associates and bring our program to their senior housing. 

We have decided to work on the cause of mental health for our final project, specifically mental health in relation to older adults in the community. The rate of suicide increases for older adult men, and science indicates that chronic illness can be worsened when an individuals experiences high levels of stress. We hope to make impact on health and wellness with our project.

Some of the activities we plan to have for our Stress Busting workshops that we hope to host at older adult housing centers include: Nail painting, bring in therapy dogs, crafting activities like making DIY beauty scrubs, moisturizers, and other items. Beyond relaxation activities, we hope to also teach mindfulness activities and breathing exercises (and disperse these activities on cards) so that older adults have the skills to bring calm into their lives. We hope that these activities change the ordinary schedule of these people and provide companionship and relief.


We hope to bring dogs like this little lady into the senior housing sites to talk about therapy dogs for emotional needs as well as the benefits of pet ownership for people with chronic illness.