After being stuck between two topics for the past couple weeks, Team WaPa has decided to make sexual health the topic of our final project! For a while, we were leaning towards nutrition because of the problems of food insecurity and the lack of produce in Washington Park. However, because we are already community gardening and working at  a food pantry, we decided that working on sexual health would allow our youth leaders to have a variety of experiences!

We plan on conducting various workshops on safe sex and provide support on how to find resources in the community. Our youth leaders have all expressed interest in this topic because they think it is incredibly important that youth are informed when making choices regarding their sexual health, but there isn’t much conversation happening. Chicago Public Schools don’t really provide sexual education and most community members don’t know about resources available in Washington Park. Therefore, we are hoping to partner with community organizations to increase recourses, improve educations, and raise awareness through our project.

Besides spending the week planning our final project, our team also engaged in multiple service opportunities. We gardened with the RTW Veteran Center, wrote cards to children in hospitals, and helped KLEO plan for their end of the year Peace Festival.