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^^Team South Chicago! ^^

Our group in South Chicago had a wide range of ideas leading up to choosing our health topic and process. We found ourselves interested in all of the topics available and coming to the group with different expertise & experience. To begin the process, we wrote every topic on a sheet of paper (mental health, community violence, sexual health, healthy eating & nutrition, environmental justice) and proposed project ideas for each one. Then we went around and checked those we were interested in.

We slowly whittled down our project ideas one by one until we ended up with two: 1.) an elder mental health fair and 2.) a service animal project. We decided we would create an event that would account for older adults mental health needs, and that we could partner with a service animal organization to bring a pet on site during the event.

We are in the process of growing our community partnerships. This week, we put together an interest survey (in English and Spanish) that we will take to the senior housing buildings in South Chicago. We have an idea of a couple things we will present at our event, but these surveys will suggest what other gaps need to be filled.

We are intending to create cards with information in English and Spanish that older adults can take away from our event with instructions on repeating meditation exercises, low-impact chair exercises and more, so that they can take what they learn at our event forward and practice them on their own.