This week we narrowed our project to three main components: a workshop, mural, and spreading nutrition information throughout the Washington Park community. Since there are people of many different ages, backgrounds, and needs in Washington Park, we had a variety of ideas when brainstorming how to address the neighborhood’s (nutrition/food)needs. Ultimately, we considered what we could realistically accomplish with only the three weeks left of SSP, as well as what we were most excited about!

For the workshop, we will work with KLEO’s youth to share information about healthy eating and exercise habits. We are super excited to this in multiple ways, from playing Family Feud to teaching them choreography created by FeFe and Lonye. In order to reach older residents, we will make goody bags that have info cards related to chair exercises, simple but healthy recipes, and community resources. And lastly, to reach the greater WaPa neighborhood, we will paint a mural that highlights the importance of exercise (as well as our love of dancing)!

Overall, it has been a productive and fun week, with lots of solid game planning and even a visit to the DuSable Museum and Windy City Harvest Farm! We also snuck in time to volunteer at the BING Reading Room and helped to paint a community mural, which will later be on display in the Arts Incubator. Time is flying and we can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the next week!