This week was full of exciting service opportunities that we were able to participate in. To start off the week, we visited Park Shore East Elderly on Monday and spent time with a group of elderly women who taught us how to knit. The women spent a lot of one on one time with each of us and reinforced the virtue of patience as they were patient with us and we had to be patient with learning how to do something new. Volunteering with the elderly women was really impactful because we brought joy and happiness to them by spending time with them and learning from them. They enjoyed our company and one woman, Ms. Dorothy, gave both me (Aliyah) and Taryn some knitting needles and yarn to take home and continue practicing. This service opportunity was very relaxing and enjoyable because we learned a lot from the elderly women and it did not even feel like work for us.

On Wednesday, we volunteered at the Green Star Mural on 65th and Dorchester where we worked on breaking tiles, and placing them on the wall to fit the design’s layout. We’ve been working on the mural for the past two weeks and will continue to go for the next few Wednesdays. The mural is absolutely beautiful and is adding some beauty to the Woodlawn community. Our weekly service at the mural is important because it gives residents hope bout the future for Woodlawn and shows them that people care about the community by investing time and energy in making the neighborhood beautiful.

We ended our neighborhood time this week by visiting the DuSable Museum of African American History! We visited the Harold Washington exhibit, as well as the exhibits about slavery, American wars, and black resistance. It’s powerful and important to have this museum in the Woodlawn community because we can learn about black history without going very far.

-Team Woodlawn