This week, our team was able to make a lot of progress on our documentary for our final project.  We completed four interviews with different community partners and began watching our footage to determine what themes we want in our film.  We were also able to engage in a service opportunity by running another workshop on healthy relationships at Gary Comer Youth Center.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 10.32.13 AM.png

Miles Williams is a social work student at University of Chicago and provided his experience and expertise regarding community violence and the relationship between law enforcement and communities.


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Dr. Selwyn Rogers is the chief of the Section for Trauma & Acute Care Surgery and founding director of the University of Chicago Medicine Trauma Center.  Dr. Rogers provided information about violence and trauma in communities from a medical perspective.

Our team is also planning a screening for our documentary and a roundtable discussion afterward.  Our community partners have been extremely helpful to the completion of our project.  We are so grateful for everyone who made time to be a part of our documentary!