This week in SSP, I learned a lot of new things. It’s refreshing to be able to learn about an audience you’re not included in. Learning about older adults near me gave me a new perspective about health in my community; I learned about people and neighborhoods which needed service , which I wouldn’t have noticed without SSP because I wasn’t involved with elders or senior housing. I learned they have needs for self care, companionship, and nutrition. I can’t wait for our final project because I feel my team has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of our audience, and I am just excited to help these members of my community that i have not had the chance to help before.



In this week of SSP, I was able to learn a lot about meditation and stress and what it can do to you if not taken care of or helped. For example, stress is able to cause depression and can make you distant from others. I also learned that meditation is a helpful way to get rid of stress and a great way to relax your body and mind. I’m glad that we chose mental health as our final project. I am so excited to see the project in action!