During this past week we have made a lot of progress with our project on teen pregnancy prevention and sexual health.  However, we have also faced some challenges in regard to presenting and building our workshop. For instance, we have had issues with finding community partners who are interested in hosting our presentation. After many calls and emails to different organizations with youth audiences, we began to feel a bit stressed and disappointed. In building our curriculum, we were challenged with contemplating what parts of our presentation are priorities, so that we can build them into the workshop. We have also been challenged with condensing our initial 2-hour long presentation into 1 hour.

Even though we have faced many challenges, we were able to overcome them and make lots of progress. We are excited and grateful to be presenting our workshop on this upcoming Monday to a group of youth with the Community Film Workshop of Chicago. After prioritizing the subject areas of our workshop, we were able to successfully condense our project to one hour, and are almost done with building our curriculum to pass on for future groups to use.

Throughout the summer, our team has identified how we’ve used our community and team assets to help us accomplish our goals. We’ve used the foundation of supporting each other to help us make the best use out of our assets. For instance, by working together and supporting each other we have learned how to knit, build a mural, and also the virtue of patience. We have all learned to be patient while working on the mural, volunteering with children at the YMCA, and also finding other locations to work when our host site was closed.


Ultimately, our team is ready and eager to present our workshop on Monday and we appreciate all the values and lessons we’ve learned together!

-Team Woodlawn