This Monday we were so excited to finally give our workshop on Teen Pregnancy and STI Prevention! We presented to a large group of about 30 teenagers at the Harris Park District and we think it went very well. The teenagers enjoyed our workshop and were actively engaged by participating and asking questions about birth control methods, pregnancy, and the costs of supporting a child. At the end of our presentation, we received lots of positive feedback from some of the teenagers and from our community contact who invited us to present there. With our 1-hour workshop on teen pregnancy prevention, we hope to have started the conversation about pregnancy prevention and safe sex for the teenagers to pass on with their peers and friends.

This week also marked our fourth week and final volunteer opportunity at the Green Star Mural on 65th and Dorchester. We finished placing the tiles on the walls and helped grout and polish the tiles; this was the final step of the mural project. Our team made a huge impact in the Woodlawn community by volunteering at the mural because we were there from nearly start to finish. We spent four weeks beautifying the Woodlawn neighborhood and brought hope and positivity to people who will continue to walk or drive by the mural.

Lastly, on Thursday, we had an exciting and fun music jam session at the Logan center with two of Joe’s friends, Phillip and Brandon, who are singers with the Chicago Children’s Choir. We learned about each other’s strengths and music interests and organically created a song together. We created this song by sharing our individual thoughts about what community means to each of us, and it turned out to be creative and inspirational.



We are looking forward to our final week together and plan to have an amazing final presentation!

-Team Woodlawn