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This week, our team spent the majority of our time reviewing the footage from our interviews, developing the storyline for our documentary, and editing our film.  Each person contributed different things to our final project.  Alex was our lead editor and spent a lot of time putting the clips together.  Mariah was creative director and provided vision for the storyline.  Maleyah, Chante, and Khala wrote and recorded narrations for the film. Alli helped with writing narrations and conducted research for clips to include in the film.  Maleyah and Mariah also selected the music used in our documentary.

In addition to completing our documentary this week, we planned a screening and roundtable discussion for next week.  We invited our community partners who we interviewed and plan to have a discussion after viewing the film.  We also planned for our final presentation next week and wrote some reflections on the summer.



It is hard to believe that next week is our final week of SSP!  We are excited to share our documentary with the rest of SSP and our community partners!