This week in SSP, Team South Chicago put together a Senior feel-good fair where we talked to seniors about mental and physical health. At my table, I talked about meditation and stress. I also lead older people through meditation exercises and taught them about stress and how it affects older people. I got positive feedback from the people who came to my table and I felt very happy that I was able to help people with relaxing and being stress-free.



This week was the most satisfying few days of the program. Whilst working with my team, we finally completed our final project about elder health in the community.

The event was held in the local public library to assure convenience to our audience because it was a close space near all senior residencies. We had this event because there was few associations dedicated to helping seniors. Since our main theme of the program is community health we had a focus on mental health since that affects all health. We named our event a ‘feel-good fair’ because most the stations were about stress and how to avoid and/or how to relief it.

My station was about self care as an older adult and why animals are good for your health. I explained the importance of taking care of yourself and how it improves the quality of life. On my ‘why animals are good for your health’ I received lots of comments on my fun facts. They seemed to be fascinated with how pets make your lifespan longer and are good companions.

I was happy with the response I got to my table and how easy it was for them to trust me with their personal lives and experiences. I got great feedback on my research, resources I gave them, but most of all the free samples of body butter. I had a great time at my station and translating for the people who did not speak English, they seemed grateful that we made our posters bilingual and tended to their needs.

Not only did they learn lots from us, but we learned plenty from them. We received comments on how they’d like to see this event happen once again so we learned  what our community wants directly from the community. In my opinion, this event was extremely successful.

  • Miriam, sloth