We cannot believe that seven weeks have come and gone, and that today is our last at SSP! There were both challenging and joyous moments, and over the last week we took some time to reflect on all that we experienced. For the Final Presentation on Wednesday, we put together a vlog documenting the whole process of creating our project. We were the first team to present and were definitely feeling “nerve-nerve,” but we did a great job and had so much fun getting ready and sharing our project with the audience. Here’s a poem we shared during the presentation to summarize our takeaways from the summer:

I am grateful, late, engaged, sleepy, at peace, ready, inspired

I have sweat, worked hard, achieved, learned, listened, laughed, danced

I saw new places, people in need, police, food, appreciation, fruit

I’ve become open, a leader, accepting, self-aware, energized, motivated

I will graduate college, become a better person, listen more closely, believe in others, learn from others, stay involved,

I am Lonye, Fefe, Jada, Theresa, Pam, Shruthi

We are Team Wapa